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white bread and jam

In our school we prayed for our daily bread .....

"Give us this day our daily bread."

and the teacher gave us our afternoon snack.

Then one day a new school official said, 

"Pray for your daily bread."

And we did;

And nothing happened.

Then he said, "Ask for it from your President and his gracious government."

And we did;

And white bread and jam appeared.

We were so happy.

The next day he said. "Pray to your God for Bread;

But nothing came;

And he said, "Ask your loving President"

And we did;

And white bread and jam appeared.

Now we knew that our God would not give us our daily bread;

But our loving and gracious President would.

And we believed.


Kent Herrick, 2009

No Rights Reserved

Note: This is adapted from a book -The Princess and the P.O.W. by Richard W. Britt



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