Second Stop Light in Waimea

Author: Kent M. Herrick

My brother and I visit the Big Island and Waimea Full Story

Why I carry

Author: Kent M. Herrick

The Government can't protect you; protect yourself. Full story

Honest People (The Island of Cayman Brac)

Author: Kent M. Herrick

A reputation is hard won and harder kept. But on Cayman Brac it is earned and rewarded everyday. Full Story

The Blind Insurance Adjuster

Author: Kent M. Herrick

Never judge a man by his dark glasses and and his learned hands. Full Story

The Bleeping Christmas Picture

Author: Kent M. Herrick

Every year ... just touch up the old one and send it again. Full Story

Voices from the Grave

Author: Kent M. Herrick

Speaking out from the graves of our heroes. Full Story

White Bread and Jam

Adapted by: Kent M. Herrick

Pray to the government and you will be blessed. Full Story

Peanut Butter

Author: Kent M. Herrick

A Story of Peanut Butter Sandwich and a Billion to one encounter. Full Story

The Park Bench

Author: Kent M. Herrick

Life After Death. Full Story

Please Don't Pass It On 

  Author: Kent Herrick

               Sometimes gifts are not accepted; even when they are the finest gifts we have to offer. Full Story

A Fresh Shirt
   Author: Kent M. Herrick

              How do I tell this story with such a delicate character and odious connotations with out offending the sensibilities of the morally decent listener?  Full Story

Author: Kent M. Herrick

I'd read about them, miracles, those events in the Bible, but I was never sure, really sure. By Faith. Sure water to wine; but raise the dead? Full Story

The Little Mouse
Author:Kent Herrick

This is a re make of an old story, a morality ode.
In the jungle it's always the biggest and baddest that eat first. And then the runts eat last. That's why they're runts. They get the least and they have to get their ass kicked in the process. Full Story

Author:Kent Herrick

A humorous but true self examination of Testicular Cancer and my recovery from it. Full Story

The Coin
Author:Kent Herrick

The value of a coin can be more than the sum of the items it can buy. Full Story

Pass it on
Author:Kent Herrick

How I got the blessing- (or curse some might say)of being nice with no reward.

  Full Story

Author:Kent Herrick

The Thanksgiving Cherry Pie

I have just recently remembered this story and although the events are exactly true I have forgotten the names. The people my mother remembered and she could have fleshed this story out, but I'd rather tell it as the seven year old that it happened to.

Full Story

PC Check In
Author:Kent Herrick

Just trying to make that plane, in a hurry. Stop at the Security Check in on your way. Be careful. Full Story

Kent M. Herrick, Editor in Chief, 2011


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